How do your friends manage their golf league?

How do your friends manage their golf league?

Due to logistical issues, golf leagues were never thought of in the same vein as say bowling leagues. As a sport, bowling lends itself to being a team sport made up of individual performers. For some reason, the individualistic nature of golf has always led people to believe the league concept for golfers was too problematic.All of that has changed and golf leagues are becoming just as popular as leagues in other sports. Again, due to logistical issues, creating a golf league takes a bit of effort. Furthermore, managing a golf league offers its challenges because the collection and management of data tends to be so time consuming.

In the sections below, we will offer information about how saving time by using software to manage golf league is possible. It’s possible by using our various services, which will remove the mundane work of gathering information. This will allow you to get back to just enjoying your time on the golf course with family, friends and your new league members.

Creating a Golf League

When someone decides to create their own golf league, there’s a presumption they are willing to take on the task of managing said golf league. The challenges of doing so are many.


The first task at hand is to gather participants. Unlike bowling leagues where it’s easy to confront and gather possible members in close proximity, a golf course is not exactly designed to promote social interactions among a larger group of people. Effort is required to get the information out about the existence of the league and how to join. Golf courses are happy to post league openings, which certainly helps advertise the league’s existence. Still, the league organizer will want to fill the league with friends and like-minded golfers who are seeking similar golf league experiences. Other important issues related to the creation of a golf league include deciding on the format and setting up a schedule. Our golf league management software has been designed to make all of these function easy to handle.


When formatting the league, you’ll have to decide on the number of members, league format (singles, doubles, teams, tournament), scoring format and any relevant rules and regulations. Our software program will support a league with as many members as you want. Once the number of members and league format has been established, you’ll need to work with the local golf course or courses to determine a consistent time for league play. After securing your league’s tee times, you’ll want to establish your league schedule. FYI: Setting up a schedule manually is a nightmare even for as few as 16 members/teams. Our golf league management software can handle this task within seconds of entering all the relevant information.

By the way, our software supports all types of game types, including (but not limited to):

  • Team Play Best Ball
  • Team Stroke Play
  • Team Match Play
  • Individual Stroke Play
  • Scramble 

At this point, your league is ready to go. It’s time to play golf and make your league a reality.

Managing a Golf League

As a participating member, you certainly want to be able to focus your efforts on your golf and not having to worry about the administration of your league. If you are interested in saving time by using software to manage golf league, EZ Golf League’s software has your back.

We provide all of the golf league management tools you’ll need. We have already mentioned organizing and scheduling. Our software also tracks the collection of membership and tournament fees. This is a vital function because of everyone’s sensitivity to money issues. Our software provides the ultimate in transparency, which translates to fewer headaches for you as the league administrator. The software also has the ability to calculate prize funds at the conclusion of the league or tournament which definitely keeps things interesting. One of the great revolutions in golf has been the development of golfing software that gives golfers the ability to record and warehouse their own scores. It’s time for all golfers to stop importing scorecards manually. 

With our software, your score tracking headaches will become a thing of the past. All of your league members will be happy to stop importing scorecards manually. Using our mobile app for IPhone, or found on the Google Play Store for Android users – your league members can use our digital scorecard (available for hundreds of courses) and enter their own scores in real time from the golf course. In addition, live alerts on your phone is also a nice feature which lets golfers know in real-time who’ been making some clutch shots. 

The accumulation of scores from all members will give your league members the ability to see golf tournament and league standings in real time. Think about that. While members are still on the golf course, they will be able to see exactly where they stand at all times. If they need a birdie for a better placing, they will know it and might choose to go over the dog-leg instead of around it.

At the conclusion of each day’s action, your league members will be able to instantly review the league standings or tournament results. Our Golf League Management Software also has the ability to adjust member handicaps. When the final standings on the last day of league or tournament play have been set in stone, our software instantly calculates prize monies for immediate distribution. Payment formats are easy to customize based on the parameters set forth by the league.

With the help of websites and mobile apps to help manage golf leagues , the face of golfing is changing rapidly. The advantages our website offers should be clear. You will never have to worry about the logistical nightmares you might encounter by deciding to organize your own league. For a low price that will blow your mind, EZ Golf League will take care of those administrative nightmares, allowing you time to enjoy your golfing experience as you strive to become the best golfer possible.

For more information, feel free to contact us anytime.